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Real Estate Residential

Real Estate Residential

My firm represents both buyers and sellers of residential real estate properties and
infrequently commercial properties. This process is most commonly known as conveyancing.
Usually a realtor brings the parties together and arranges for the agreement to be executed
and who then provides the agreement to us for our involvement upon removal of the “subject
to’s”. On occasion the buyer and seller meet without being brought together by a realtor. In
that event, parties then rely upon the lawyer to draft the agreement for them. In either case,
as the lawyer for either the buyer or the seller, it is my job to then take the necessary legal
steps to facilitate the transaction and ultimately bring it to a conclusion, whereby the
purchaser acquires satisfactory title to the newly acquired property, and the seller receives
the agreed purchase price. I would be pleased to assist either the buyer or the seller in this
conveyancing process.

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