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Information, Guidance and Advice for Immigrants to Canada

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Don’t Get Left Behind
ImmigrationCanada has stated that Canada plans to accept between 225,000 and 265,000 immigrants each year in order to meet Canada’s economic goals. We hope you will be among the ones that successfully immigrate to Canada to build a new and prosperous life for yourself and your family.

Protect Your Interests
In performing their assessments and determining who will and will not be granted entrance into Canada, immigration officers have a duty to treat each candidate fairly. However, they do not have a duty to protect your particular interests. Given that the number of applicants for immigration to Canada each year is considerably higher than the number that will be granted entrance, immigration officers are expected to act selectively in order to choose the best candidates.

Your ability to meet the Canadian immigration criteria depends, of course, on your personal and professional background. It also depends on the way you answer the immigration officer’s questions; you must manage to provide the information that best underscores your merits without highlighting what Immigration Canada may consider weak points.

It is our role to protect and promote your interests by providing information, guidance and advice. We will work to optimize your candidate strengths and we will aid you in your attempt to achieve permanent resident status at the end of the immigration process.

We operate in these immigration programs:
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● Skilled Workers
● Business Immigration
● Entrepreneurs
● Investors
● Self-Employed
● Family Class
● Live-In Caregivers


● Temporary Resident Visa
● Student Permits
● Worker Permits

● Family Class
● Sponsorship
● Wife/Husband/Conjugal Partner
● Parents or Grandparents
● Live-in Caregiver Work Permits
● Live-in Caregiver Applications
● Refugee Claims in Canada

Applications for Extension of Status and Terms and Conditions for:

● Visitors
● Work Permit
● Student Permit
● Permit Holders
● Citizenship Applications
● Applications for Permanent Resident Cards

95% Success Rate
If you want another reason to use our services, we can tell you that our success rate for Canada immigration services is over 95%, while Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s overall refusal rate is very high. For instance, in 2006 a full 45% of applications for immigration to Canada in the economically important skilled worker and business categories were refused. Canadian immigration regulations are complex, and the law gives visa officers much discretion. Your chances of succeeding are much higher if we work together on your immigration application.

To avoid your application being delayed, returned or simply refused, we suggest you use our professional assistance. Please contact our office to schedule a personal consultation regarding your needs.